Experience that counts

Shaun has significant experience in his field. Not only has he worked on projects which have achieved the highest standards of repair, but he has been involved on repair work on more than 2 600 elements for, amongst others:

  • Aker Solutions
  • Pride PSP
  • Pride PSS
  • Transocean Marianas
  • Transocean Celtic Sea
  • Transocean Cajun Express
  • Transocean KG1
  • Transocean DWM
  • Ensco 5001
  • Saipem SCA-7
  • Dolphin Belford
  • Seadrill West Polaris
  • Seadrill West Gemini


Relining of canal walls - Indonesia

A water canal in a high earthquake area of Indonesia, 15m wide x 5m deep, was used to power a hydroelectric power station.  The concrete walls were deteriorating and needed to be reinforced to prevent further cracking and water head pressure pushing a section of the canal out. Failure to supply water to the hydroelectric power plant would have been extremely costly as the power was needed by a mine and the local town and infrastructure.

The brief:

The brief was for to to reline the canal with a leak-proof liner, at the same time extending the life of the canal and reducing drag to increase the water flow, thus increasing the electric output capacity of the hyroelectric power station.

The solution:

Composite panels were designed, tested and then manufactured in South Africa by Aerontec. This included a series of different shapes to transport, as well as install on site. Special cranes and equipment were also designed to operate and install the panels as the time for installation was crucial. The bonding systems to lock the panels were also designed and manufactured to operate and be used in very wet conditions, as well as allow for expansion and contraction.

All panels, cranes and other equipment had to fit into containers and be shipped to Indonesia.


Raising of container terminal quay

A section of the container terminal quay at Cape Town Port was raised, and then had to be modified to incorporate power cables for the gantries, as well as not pose a trip hazard for personnel working on the quay.

The brief

The electric cables that feed power to the gantries had to be hidden in a channel within the new composite panels. Concrete was considered as an option, however, to build up the 190mm area to the water side of the gantry rails would weigh approximately 1,000 tons.

The solution

Composite panels were designed, tested and then manufactured in South Africa by Aerontec. These panels had to be strong enough to withstand huge loads, be weather resistant for many years, and had to be installed in such a way as to minimize down time.

GRP composite infused glass resin panels were manufactured and water-jet cut to fit into each other like a giant puzzle. The panels had to be installed with a 5mm height tolerance over the entire 1,3km of the quay. The total weight of all the panels was approximately 260 tons. Panels were fastened to the concrete jetty structure using stainless steel bolts and bonded in with a special adhesive.